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Permanent solution for lashes and brows from the line “LASH FILLER”

100% Made in Italy

The effectiveness of the product was proven during clinical trials in research institute in Milan and the content is in accordance with all European standards

For professional use only

Use only with In Lei® «FIX 2» fixator

Specially developed to work with “LASH FILLER” procedure. Composing ingredients are solely of Italian origin. High pH formulae allows ingredients to get delicately into the hair preparing it for the second emulsion. Highly effective “FORM 1” formula safely and gently works with brow and lash structure. Tightrope alkali pH of this product allows for quick and proper softening of the hair cuticle ensuring a better effect on needed areas. In this way preparation for fixation with “FIX2” takes place.

Bright white color and correctly chosen consistency makes it easy to apply product onto hair exactly where the perming is needed avoiding unpleasant surprises as an end result.
Using “FORM 1” with other products from IN LEI® line guarantees confidence in procedure quality and surely gives a reliable and verified result.

Application rules:
With the help of «MOUSSE» In Lei® - gently remove make up from lashes, brows and facial skin
Prepare areas around the eyes, lashes and brows with In Lei® «SALINE PRETREATMENT»
Apply with brush a thin layer of product to the lashes (previously put into curlers)
Leave for necessary time depending on the hair thickness (6/12 mins)
Remove the product with clean and dry Q-tip

For professional use only. Contains salicylic acid salts. Before usage please read carefully and follow the instructions. It is not recommended to use on the girls that have not reached age 16. Do not use product: - in the presence of skin rash on the face or if the skin sensitive, irritated or damaged; - in cade of known allergy or sensitivity to one of the ingredients listed on the label. In case product gets into the eyes immediately rinse with water. Wear protective gloves.

For some people the product can cause severe skin inflation. Therefore, it is recommended to do the sensitivity test 48 hours before every application. It is necessary to remove earrings if there are any. Thoroughly clean square centimeter of skin treated or in ulnar notch with soap or alcohol. Apply a small amount of product IN LEI® "FORM 1" and wait until fully dried. After 48 hours, thoroughly rinse with warm water. This test is a very important precautionary measure. Absence of any evident symptoms does not exclude the fact of product’s allergic reaction during further applications. In case of irritation, itch or redness immediately rinse the product and do not use it.
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