1. Validity of the general conditions of sale

1.1. General sales conditions apply to Sophie.ee clients (customers) and the owner of Sophie.ee Armapro Ltd. (hereinafter Sophie.ee) arising from the purchase of goods between the legal relations.

1.2. General conditions of sale can not be contrary to the rules in force in the Republic of Ireland, and, where appropriate, (a dispute or missing information) are supplemented by rules.

1.3. In addition to these general conditions of sale govern the relationship between the client and Sophie.ee Sophie.ee product information, pricing, product information and to develop best practices.

1.4. Sophie.ee reserves the right to modify the terms and product prices unilaterally change their operating efficiency, competitiveness, further development and assortment of goods, or the reorganization purposes. Conditions and prices of the product changes and amendments will enter into force from the information appearing on the page www.Sophie.ee. If the client sent a request before the change takes effect, the customer's order transmission conditions prevailing at the time, except when the law or these terms and conditions stipulate otherwise.

1.5. Sophie.ee client and want to trade sophie.ee website www.sophie.ee through this document the conditions laid down. sophie.ee website of the online order form and prepaid customer confirms that he is familiar with the conditions of sale and accept them.

2. sophie.ee pricelist

2.1. sophie.ee e-store product prices are in Estonian kroons and without shipping cost.

2.2. The delivery price depends on the customer by ordering the selected mode of delivery.

2.3. sophie.ee reserves the right to adjust prices. If the client sent his order before the change comes into force, it's true for the price, which was recognized as a prepayment on account of the execution order at the moment.

3. Shopping Cart and Checkout

3.1. Customer Shopping cart is created when you click on the button "Add to Cart".

3.2. Adding to cart does not require a customer to purchase.

3.3. The customer can change the amount of products in your cart, and they are optionally removed from your cart.

3.4. The products are in your cart until an order confirmation, in other sophie.ee customers.

3.5. Order can press the button "Checkout".

3.6. The customer selects a satisfying ordering new delivery method and payment method, and verifies the correctness of data remitter and the beneficiary.

3.7. Order of the data depends on the accuracy of the products purchased by the Customer smooth delivery. After pressing the button "Submit order" sent to the Customer's e-mail address is automatically an invoice.

3.8. The sales contract shall be deemed concluded when the client has paid for at least two calendar days after 50% prepayment of the amount due sophie.ee account. The order will be posted to the bank account of sophie.ee have received 100% prepayment of the amount due.

4. Payment for goods ordered

4.1. Prepayment bill by bank transfer.

4.2. If the client has confirmed the order sent by the Customer's e-mail address immediately an invoice which is the basis for the payment for the goods.

4.3. If a client e-mail address is not within 1 hour after placing the order, received an order confirmation, please contact info@sophie.ee.

4.4. Preorder form is given by the customer ordered products and details of the order will be sent. It is also shown preordering at sophie.ee  shows details of the bank account where you can make a payment.

4.5. If the Customer wants an extended period for payment, 6.40 EURO invoice is payable on the basis of the amount and time of payment indicate "for more information" the date on which it is desired to pay the remaining amount. The reservation fee is not refundable if the client withdraws an order.

4.6. If the client does not pay the bill upfront 2 calendar days from the issue of an invoice, the customer would like to purchase counts sophie.ee quit and cancel the order.

5. Delivery and transfer

5.1. After the entry into force of the Agreement in accordance with Section 3.8. and subject to section 1.5. is satisfied, the products are delivered to the address given in the order by the customer delivery.

5.2. The customer can choose from the following delivery methods:

5.2.1. Omniva

5.3. sophie.ee reserves the right to change the ways of delivery.

5.4. Order of the data depends on the accuracy and veracity avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of the goods. Armapro LLC and DPD Eesti AS is not responsible for product delivery delays and misunderstandings occurred if the delay or misunderstanding caused by the Customer ordering the data inaccuracies or errors.

5.5. When you change the sophie.ee The client asks the new data to inform as soon as possible. If the goods have already been posted, the destination is not modified anymore.

5.6. If the shipment is posted by sophie.ee sent to the Client's e-mail address of the notification.

6. Cancellation and refund of the product

6.1. sophie.ee has the right to cancel the Customer if the bill is not paid within two calendar days, or within the payment by the Client.

6.2. The customer has the right products ordered after the deposit payment but before the delivery of the products to cancel your order by notifying the sophie.ee e-postileinfo@sophie.ee a corresponding statement. The statement also please indicate your invoice / order number. 100 euros paid in advance will not be returned to the customer. The remaining amount paid in advance for the canceled order shall be returned to the Customer's bank account within 2 working days, but never later than 30 working days of application.

6.3. If the item does not fit or does not meet the expectations of the customer, he is entitled to return it within 16 working days from receipt of goods. Returned goods must be undamaged, unused, with tags, original package and properly packed. Money for the returned goods will be refunded to the Customer's bank account within 2 working days, but never later than 30 working days from receipt of goods by sophie.ee. To return to the client a notice in the e-mail address info@sophie.ee.

6.4. Return of the goods shall be borne by the buyer.

6.5.Toote return the buyer pays the cost, but no more than 10 euros (the Bank of Estonia at the rate of approximately 157 euros), except in cases where the thing does not correspond to the order.

6.6. If a customer wishes to change the product with another product of the same product or a different size, the Client will pay the return postage for the product. The new replacement product will pay for postage single sophie.ee postage. Each of the following Exchange paid for by the buyer.

6.7. sophie.ee return cost if the goods have defects which were not possible to detect external inspection and that has not generated the package is opened or if the goods are not what was ordered.

6.8. If the returned product is deteriorated, and the deterioration is caused by circumstances which are not due to sophie.ee-and not the result of inappropriate use, sophie.ee have the right to set off the loss of value by the customer paid for the product and the customer will be refunded the amount.

7. Warranty and Return of non-compliant products

7.1. According to the Law of Obligations Act (LOA, chapter 11, section 218, 2) The customer is entitled to make a claim within two years from the date of receipt. It emerged during the first six months of the defect, it is assumed that it existed at the time of purchase, and nature of the defect must identify the seller.

7.2. If the defect is of technological nature, the client may require improvement, and the ineffectiveness or lack of the replacement product. Refund can be claimed if the replacement within a reasonable period of time has not been possible due to a lack of suitable product (LOA, Chapter 11, section 222, subsection 1).

7.3. Unexpected defect customer must send an e-mail to info@sophie.eejärgneva information: Customer name and contact information; Complaint date; product defect, please also add photos; sophie.ee-le Requirement; invoice number, if possible, attach a copy of the invoice.

7.4. sophie.ee not be liable for:

7.4.1. Customer's fault or negligence for damage

7.4.3. natural wear and tear of normal use.

8. Liability and Force Majeure

8.1. sophie.ee liable to Customer sophie.ee by the violation of the conditions for damage caused by the current legislation in the Republic of Estonia and the extent.

8.2. The customer is responsible for sophie.ee by the Customer in violation of the conditions for damage caused by the current legislation in the Republic of Estonia and the extent.

8.3. Neither party will be liable to the other party in front of her behavior are not considered in these conditions for any breach of its obligation to exercise due to the delay or the failure to exercise, if such delay or non-execution of the reason was that the party is controlled by the (force majeure).

8.4. sophie.ee not compensate for moral damage, which can lead to customer delivery times, prices and other terms of these conditions.

8.5. sophie.ee not compensate the Client's costs arising from the fact that the client took the responsibility to third parties (ie not sophie.ee-dependent) persons have obligations under these terms and conditions conflict with these terms.

8.6. sophie.ee not compensate for customer delivery times, prices and other conditions due to changes in missed opportunities.

9. Other Conditions

9.1. sophie.ee by the customer uses personal data only to fill customer's orders. Data will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties, except the then the customer's choice of delivery method that requires the cases prescribed by law.

9.2. sophie.ee reserves the right to send the Client information about new products and special offers, unless the client has ordered sophie.ee newsletter. The customer has the right to request deletion of your data sophie.ee database.

9.3. In these conditions, matters not regulated hereunder and Customer sophie.ee Estonian state laws governing the relationship between the parties, and other acts.

9.4. These conditions arising from the disputes and disagreements resolved by the parties, in particular through negotiations. If you can not resolve a contractual dispute between the Parties, the customer as sophie.ee the right to seek legal redress from the Consumer Protection Board or the courts.

10. Final Provisions

10.1. The purpose of these ordering conditions and sophie.ee e-store purchase contracts governed by Estonian law. If any provision of the order producing a void, it will not affect the remainder of the ordering conditions or the validity of the contract of sale. Void provisions shall be replaced by a lawful provision which is negligible provision in a legally and economically closest.