Soulful creativity

Business story. It began in 2008 in a small Estonian city. I saw lash extensions on my friend while still being a high school student. I was so impressed that I went to study extensions. I wanted to create, but had little knowledge and experience, so I gave up.

After moving to Tallinn, I sometimes carefully returned to my dream. In 2012, it all started again. I started to work from my memory.  At a cheap rate but with clear understanding that I do not have enough skills for more. I wanted to succeed so much. Therefore, I started to save money. All my savings went to education. And championships. I have paid myself not only for the extension materials but also for photographers and hairstylists. Friends were puzzled why do I spend all of my money on nonsense. However, I was happy and realized more and more that I wanted to devote myself only to this. 

In 2015, I created Sophie Lash & Brow studio. It was dreadful! Nevertheless, I finally started to work, as I wanted. Individually, taking into consideration eye and face features of each client. I was creating. Already in a month, my investments paid off and clients’ record was for two months in advance. 

Full with desire to bring Estonian lash extension market to a new level, I started to teach. Over time, I was being invited to Europe. My first original workshop was held in Manchester at the end of 2016. Since then I have held over 100 seminars in 12 different countries and trained over 1000 students. I am patented representative of “Lash-to-Lash” technique and creator of multinational trainers’ school SHE TEAM. 

Today, I want everyone who I have trained to do the lash extension and brows with soul. Just like me. If you also dream about creating, we are looking forward to seeing you in our trainers’ team. Together we will make lash industry high quality, creative and soulful. In all countries. All around the globe.

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